Blackpink K-pop member Jennie Kim performing live Blackpink K-pop member Jennie Kim performing live

Jennie Kim K-Pop star is the new American music revelation

The 24-year-old rapper grew up in South Korea. She is a member of the well-known band, Blackpink. Her first hit ‘Solo’ was a massive hit. Kim became the first K-pop female solo singer to have 529 million views on YouTube. The group is taking over the American music market after collaborating with Selena Gomez and taking advantage of the hype with BTS. Why is everybody pumped up? Find out below!

  • She has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
  • Jennie has almost 32.3 million followers on Instagram.
  • The 5’4” tall artist weighs 121 lbs.
  • Being one of the few members who speaks fluent English, she is the public face for all interviews on American soil. 
Jennie and her ex-boyfriend Kai.

1) Did you know that Kim had a celebrity crush on the K-pop singer Kai? She even bought a puppy and named it after him. In October 2018, her dream came true and she dated him. But, they got separated after three months. 

2) Jennie is one of the few Korean girls who can speak fluent English. It was her favorite subject in school. Who would’ve thought that the Korean girl would be a nerd?

3) Kim is the most stylish and fashionable singer of Blackpink. She has a huge collection of Gucci products, which is why everyone in the group calls her ‘Human Gucci’.

Extra fact: Jennie has a luxurious wardrobe worth almost $100.000. 

Watch her new song below:


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