3 spectacular arenas where Jennifer Lopez has performed

We have seen JLo on many different places; we have seen her on TV, on movies, on YouTube and even on books. But, which were her top three scenarios to perform her wonderful songs? Keep reading to learn about them!

  • The mother of two (Max and Emme) has time to do practically everything.
  • JLo was born and raised in Bronx, New York.
  • Many business experts have asked her to perform before a huge crowd on important events because they know the kind of show she offers.

1. Luz stadium

JLo in Lisbon. Source: Getty Images

 In 2007, 200 million people around the world voted the new 7 Wonders of the World to differentiate them from the antique ones. The presentation took place in Lisbon and everybody ended up at JLo's feet after her magnificent performance.

2. Times Square

JLo in the catsuit for New Year's Eve. Source: Toomanytights Typepad

We all know that when talking about New Year's Eve, everybody instantly thinks about the Times Square. Well, that's basically because that's where the magic happens. The Hollywood diva was asked to perform during the celebration on December 31st, 2009. For months people and magazines kept on talking about the incredible catsuit she wore as well as of her fantastic performance to start the new year dancing and super happy.

3. FIFA World Cup

JLo singing in Brazil. Source: E Online

 O.K. Let's agree on one thing: the whole world watches this World Cup. Even in countries which have no representation whatsoever, people gather together to watch this amazing football matches. The whole Cup lasts one month, and those who are not football-fans know they have to watch, at least, the opening and the closing dates. Well, JLo was asked to perform together with Claudia Leitte and Pitfall on the opening ceremony in 2014, in Sao Pablo, Brazil. We can be sure the Cup started well heated and with high spirits.

4. American Music Awards

JLo performing at the AMA. Source: Getty Images

 On 2015, Jennifer Lopez was given the hard both hosting and performing at the American Music Awards, in Los Angeles. Yes, you read correctly: she did both. 'Jenny from the block' spent the whole night running behind the scenario to change her gowns to either present an award or to sing on stage. Latina diva can clearly do it all!

5. Jennifer Lopez Residency at Vegas

JLo in her Residency. Source: Getty Images

 'All I have' was the name of her residency show. Most singers would kill to be offered a residency in Vegas and when it came to 'Waiting for tonight' singer, she made the most of it. It took place at the Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on 2016, until 2018. Her residency became the top one regarding Latinos, and the 6th if we talk about the highest-grossing of all; it grossed $101.9 million. Great job Jen!

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