Lisa Manoban wearin a chic outfit for her picture. Lisa Manoban wearin a chic outfit for her picture.

3 pictures of Lisa Manoban that will take your breath away!

The 23-year-old rapper is the youngest member of the famous South Korean band, Blackpink. With her strong vocals and killer dance moves, she has made a mark in the United States. Apart from her music career, she is well-known for her eye-catching pictures and unique style statement. This year she is also crowned as the most beautiful woman in Asia. Read below to know more about her!

  • She was born on March 27th, 1997 in Thailand.
  • The 5’6” tall diva is the richest artist of the group and has an estimated net worth of $10 million.
  • Laisa is the global ambassador of many luxurious brands, Celine, Bulgari, and Prada.

1.The stunning musician has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon, in a very short time. The way she takes her pictures and her dressing sense is becoming a new trend on social media. Recently she has posted a magnificent image on Instagram.

After viewing her picture it seems that the Korean star is truly a pro when it comes to posing. She has beautifully pulled off a white top, with red baggy pants of the brand, Adidas.

She looks more attractive with the glittery eyeshadow and a red lipistick. Do you think that Lisa has picked the best outfit for her picture? 

Lisa Manoban posing for an amazing picture.

2. With her awesome picture, she has once again become the queen of the public eye. This picture has literally won the hearts of the Americans. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the green check jacket.

Her picture, as well as her stylish outfit, is loved by millions of her followers. Lisa’s makeup and hairstyles matches her entire look. Many of her fans want to copy her poses.  

3. After viewing this picture the first thing that clicked my mind was, how can someone look so beautiful all the time. The way she is sitting, and posing makes her look like a fashion mogul. She is wearing an opulent neckpiece with her casual yet chic outfit. You can definitely learn how to take a good picture by Lisa Manoban.

Watch her latest song below:

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