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3 ways Billie Eilish makes money

Once you are famous and rich, money just comes out of the blue. But how exactly? Billie earns many millions because of her music, she even just launched a new album 'Happier Than Ever' but that's not the only way in which she makes money. Watch the video below to discover what other sources of income she has!

  • She has an estimated net worth of almost $30 million. That's incredible!
  • The 'Bad Guy' singer has other sources of income besides the music, like clothing, social media brands and streaming revenue of films like 'The World's A Little Blurry' with Apple.

1. Music

Billie Eilish singing

For sure this is the most known and bigger source of income that Billie has. Music was the first thing that gave her a huge amount of money despite she only has one studio album.

Billie Eilish

Although she couldn't go in a worldwide tour, Eilish would have managed to bill more than 40 million in record sales, merchandising, advertising contracts and others. Those are numbers that would drive anyone crazy!

2. Movie

Billie Eilish's movie publicity

On February 2021, the young singer will premiere her first movie “The world's a little blurry” in a joint project with Apple TV. The contract was sealed in December of last year for more than 25 million dollars.

3. Billie's doll

'Bad Guy' doll

This artist also has her doll inspired in the styles of her most popular videos “Bad Guy” and “All the good girls go to hell. The company Playmates Toys and Bravado launched the toys for the public. That's crazy!

Billie Eilish's doll


Singer Billie Eilish. Source: Getty Images

It's awesome how fame can let you make more and more money. Billie started with the music but now she is expanding her horizons to other industries.

Billie Eilish. Source: Getty Images

This artist also launched a clothing collection with Bershka, will she make her clothing brand soon? We can't wait to see how this young star keeps growing. Cheers, Billie! 

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