Billie Eilish posing with fans Billie Eilish posing with fans

3 iconic moments of Billie Eilish surprising fans!

Iconic singer and songwriter Billie Eilish has one of the most devoted fan-bases in music. The 19-year-old five-time Grammy Award winner is so close to her fans, even willing to give her followers a big hug. Scroll down as we reveal the awesome reactions of Eilish fans that will melt your heart!

  • Billie Eilish has over 84 million followers on Instagram.
  • The “lovely” singer disguised herself to prank a huge group of supporters waiting backstage at “The Ellen Show!”
  • Eilish also shocked a bunch of superfans that went for a test of the “Bad Guy” gameplay from the video game Just Dance 2020.
  • The superstar even crossed the pond and traveled to the UK to surprise one of her biggest admirers, who is a 16-years-old full-time carer for her mom and brother.
Billie Eilish proves that she is really close to her fans!

Despite being the biggest superstar on the planet Billie Eilish is very down to earth and really approachable. The “My Future” singer is often spotted interacting with her followers on the streets. In fact, she loves to chat, take selfies, and even hugs those who are excited to meet her.

Billie Eilish - Source: Instagram

Since the pandemic that put a stop to her “Where Do We Go” tour in March 2020 Eilish revealed that she really misses her supporters, and performing and interacting with them on stage. On her Instagram page she wrote:

“I miss everything... hope everyone’s hanging in there.”

Here are our favorite 3 moments when Billie surprised her biggest fans!

1) The Ellen Show

Billie Eilish in disguise to prank her admirers at  The Ellen Show

Before her performance on "The Ellen Show" in 2019 Billie Eilish went undercover to surprise a group of admirers. Her followers totally freaked out because she pranked them.

Eilish is known for wearing baggy outfits and green or blue colored hair, so the fans didn’t recognize her because she was wearing tight pants, glasses, and a brown wig.

Click here to watch the amazing clip.

2) Just Dance

Billie Eilish surprises her fans at Just Dance

A bunch of Billy Eilish mega fans were invited to test the videogame Just Dance 2020 to practice the “Bad Guy” song routine, while Billie slipped in the background and shocked them.

OMG! They couldn’t believe that their idol was there on the flesh, so there were lots of tears, hugs, and one of the girl’s confessions to the star is so sweet:

“Billie, you are my everything!”

Click here to watch the Just Dance hilarious video. 

3) Capital Breakfast

Billie Eilish surprises her fan Marissa at "Capital Breakfast" radio show

The radio host Roman Kemp invited one of Billie Eilish’s biggest admirers for an interview into his show “Capital Breakfast.

The girl is called Marissa, a 16-year-old, who related her challenging life story as a full-time carer for her mom who has type 2 diabetes and she also cares for her brother who has learning difficulties.

Marissa said that she relates to Eilish and her music helps to get through difficult times. Then Kemp surprised her revealing that the “No Time To Die” singer was standing right behind her.

The young British girl turned and tears rolled from her eyes. Her reaction was incredibly touching. Marissa was speechless, there’s so much she would like to say, and she really loves the songstress. Billie gave her a big hug and said:

"I love you. This has been an amazing interview, you're so well-spoken."

Click here to watch the emotional video and get your tissues ready!

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