Fun facts about Super Junior Fun facts about Super Junior

3 fun facts about K-Pop band Super Junior you might not know!

The boy band has been famous for more than a decade. They are the ones who broke the K-Pop craze around the world. One exciting thing about the not-so-junior singers when you look at them is that none looks a year older than 20. But all of them are more than 30 years old and have accomplished a lot in their long careers. To know more about the band, join me till the end of the post!  

  • The band came into existence in 2005 with 13 members at that time.
  • For now, there are only ten boys left in the group, out of which only 9 are active. 
  • The band set the world ablaze with their song ‘Sorry Sorry’ released in 2009. 
  • The Super Junior fans are called ELFs, which stands for ‘Ever Lasting Friend.’

They are not just brilliant singers but...

Super Juniors have a huge fan following worldwide

Although their careers kick-started as singers, they landed several jobs as actors, dancers, TV hosts, songwriters, video directors, and reality show stars as well. Their variety show, Super Junior’s Super TV, was one of the most liked entertainment series with a 98% positive rating on Google! The show lasted six months, and it was a massive hit. Can you see how big of a name they are?!

They prioritize their fans

It is evident how much they value their fandom, whom they have a particular name for, and even a sapphire blue color that identifies them. The band members greatly appreciate their fans and have come up with two songs specially dedicated to them. The music Sapphire Blue from their 2007 album Don’t Don and their Japanese single Blue World is for all the ELFs (everlasting fans) out there!

Their spin-off bands served a great purpose

The band has several sub groups within itself Source: stock sponsored

As discussed previously, the thirteen-member band has several subgroups made within itself for all the right reasons. Super Junior T was formed to revive the oldest Korean music genre known as ‘Trot.’

The band had 13 members before they split!

Other than that, Super Junior Mandarin was formed in 2008 with artists of both Chinese and Korean origin. Han Geng was the group leader, who later filed a lawsuit against the band's contract drawbacks and finally disassociated in 2011. Super Junior Happy or SuJu Happy was another subgroup that still exists to showcase the singers' fun side. They debuted their first song, Cooking? Cooking! on 5th June 2008.

The band has provided a vast diversity to the fans and followers, which we don’t usually get to see these days. And this attention to different genres has honestly brought them a lot of attention. Consider if you live in a house where the same band has a song for your old Korean granny, your Chinese descent uncle, your fun-loving siblings, and your trendy self. So you get the drift. 

Watch their most recent mini album 'Bad Liar' to rock your day!

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