The worldwide famous American rapper, Cardi B.

3 fun facts about Cardi B

Cardi B ruled 2020 with her song, WAP! Her rise to fame in just six years is truly remarkable. She has worked with a lot of US artists like Bruno Mars, DJ Khaled, and J Balvin. However, there are still some interesting facts that people don't know about her. Want to get surprised by the hidden details of the rapper? Read below to find out!   

  • Cardi has earned an estimated net worth of $24 million through hard work.
  • The peacock tattoo is her most favorite. It starts from her right hip and ends at her knee. 
  • She is married to Offset, a 29-year-old American rapper. The couple has an adorable daughter whose name is Kulture Kiari Cephus. 

Rapper's name

Cardi B posing in a fur coat.

Our favorite rapper's real name is Belcalis Almanzar. She is called 'Bacardi' by her loving parents. When she became a musician, the singer decided to change her name to Cardi B. Do you know why? It was because her social media accounts were shut down, as her name was similar to a beverage company, 'Bacardi'. This made her choose the iconic name, Cardi B. However, we're still curious what the B in her name stands for. The rapper has the answer for you

'whatever, depending on the day...beautiful or bully'

We admit that we love her creativity in choosing this new name. 

Daughter's birth

Cardi B and her adorable daughter, Kulture.

The outstanding songstress gave birth to her daughter, Kulture in July 2018. Her beautiful baby was raising her middle finger when she was just born. Can you guys believe it? It's the funniest news Cardi has ever shared on her Twitter account. We're sure that 'Kulture' got her cool attitude from her mom. Don't you guys agree?

Broke a guy's nose

The brilliant American rapper, Cardi B.

As we all know that Bacardi is an outspoken person. She revealed in an interview that she accidentally sat on a boy's face during an intimate session. His nose broke because of the singer's body weight, 125 lbs. The kind-hearted woman took him to the hospital for his treatment. She told the doctors that he fell while jumping. It's hilarious how she covered the situation. What are your thoughts about her? 

Watch Cardi B's song, 'WAP' below! 

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