3 facts you need to know about 'Circles' singer Post Malone 3 facts you need to know about 'Circles' singer Post Malone

3 facts you need to know about 'Circles' singer Post Malone

The rapper razed the Billboard Music Awards last night. Besides having 16 nominations, he took nine trophies home, and one of them belong to the 'Top Artist' category.  Here we collect some data that you will love to know about this incredible musician. Keep reading to get to know him better!

  • His real name is Austin Richard Post.
  • He was born on July 5, 1995, and despite being so young, he knows how to make great music. 
  • The rapper has a net worth of $14 million.
  • 'Circles'  music video has more than 285 million views on YouTube. 

1. He started as a wedding DJ

Post Malone

At the beginning of his musical career, when he was just a college student in Syracuse, Post was regularly seen playing as a DJ at weddings.

This was really cool because it helped him to be in touch with the evolutions in the music industry.


2. Born to be famous

Young Post Malone

Her classmates once voted him as the 'Most Likely to become famous' of the course. This was when he was 16 years old and started releasing some music. They are right!


3. The raper has other celebrities tattooed on his body

Some of Post's tattoos.

Yes, as you read, this musician, among all the tattoos around his body, has some famous faces tattooed too.  One of the musical characters is  Bob Dylan, placed on his left arm.

We are amazed by these facts about Post Malone. He definitely was born to be a famous musician, and even his classmates know it. We are grateful for him achieving his goals and winning awards because of his effort and talent. Cheers, Post! Watch 'Circles' video here:

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