3 eccentric and unknown facts about pop idol Usher 3 eccentric and unknown facts about pop idol Usher

3 eccentric and unknown facts about pop idol Usher

Despite being one of the most famous musicians in the world, there are some secret facts that you might not know. Have you got the slightest idea of what he eats? And what about how he began his incredible career? Don't feel bad, it can happen to all fans. Just scroll down to discover them! 

  • Usher is not only a singer but also a songwriter and a 41-year-old actor.
  • He sold over 100 million records, won 8 Grammy Awards and was named the second most successful artist in the 2000s by Billboard!
  • 'My Way' singer has a net worth of $180M

There are many details you surely don't know about the Grammy Award Winner. Some of them are more peculiar than others. 

1. He loves chocolate. Specially M&Ms.

Usher is a chocolate fan and loves to eat. Source: Bauer Griffin

Who wouldn't love to eat chocolate in the middle of the night?  Well, Usher surely does! But not any kind. Believe it or not his favorite candy are the color ones which melt in your mouth. Who else loves it the way he does?

2. Usher's manager is his mother! 

Have you noticed that managers are people who devote their lives to it? Actually, this is not the case. She quit her former job to assist his son in his career. Family is always first!

3. He started off as a singer in Church!

The church inspired Usher to be a singer

Have you paid attention to the singer's lyrics? I mean, have you really paid attention to them? He generally tends to use street words, and guess what? Who would believe it? Usher is a box full of surprises.

If you want to remember his great hist, watch the music video from his famous song "My Way" below:

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