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3 awesome facts about Billie Eilish that will blow your mind!

OMG! Everybody knows Billie Eilish for her signature street-wear fashion and emotional, moody songs. She is so much more than a pop hit-maker. Scroll down to discover intimate secrets and struggles that you probably don’t know about the “Bad Guy” singer!

  • Billie Eilish was home-schooled along with her brother Finneas O’Connell.
  • Actor parents raised the 19-year-old singer, and they even encouraged her to go for auditions.
  • Before she became a famous superstar, she recorded background vocals for movies such as "X-Men" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."
  • Eilish struggles with mental health issues, Tourettes syndrome, and a rare condition called synaesthesia.

1) Why Billie Eilish was home-schooled?

Billie Eilish's parents and her brother Finneas.

Eilish parents are both actors, who decided to leave their careers to teach their children. Her mom, Maggie Baird taught Billie and her older brother Finneas the basics of songwriting.

Billie Eilish and her mom Maggie Baird - Source: Getty Images

Billie was home-schooled due to an auditory processing disorder that made it difficult to hear and process cognitive information in a normal way. However, she passed her high school equivalency exam when she was just 15 years old!

 “I never went to school, so popular was never a thing for me.”

2) Did you know that she tried to become an actor?

Billie Eilish - Source: Twitter

Billie tried to her acting skills before becoming a famous pop star. Though, she didn’t have the patience for the tedious audition process. So she preferred to record background voices for movies like “Ramona and Beezus,” "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," and "X-Men."

3) Did you know that she struggles with Tourettes and synaesthesia?

Billie Eilish - Source: Getty Images

The singer revealed that discussing her mental illness, such as her struggles with Tourette syndrome and body dysmorphia (she constantly worries about flaws in her appearance) in the media has helped her connect with her fans.

She expressed her feelings about depression in the song "When The Party's Over."

Eilish also opened up about her experiences with synesthesia, a neurosensory condition in which one sense is perceived and stimulates additional senses.

The musician explained that every person she knows has their own color and shape and number in her head, so even when it sounds fun it could be a very intense experience. Billie prefers to think it’s a superpower that helps her creative process.

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