Top 3 reasons why RM was chosen to lead the K-pop band, BTS!

The singer is a member of the famous K-pop band, Bangtan Sonyeond. He has been leading the group since 2013. The popular star has a charming personality and is a very talented person. He is also a spokesperson for his group. Read below to find out more!  

  • His real name is Kim Namjoon and has an estimated net worth of $15 million.
  • The 5’11’’ tall rapper was born on 12th September.
  • RM has a unique fashion style. He loves to wear clothes of Japanese brands, like Mastermind Japan and Visvim.

1. The Best spokesperson for the band 

The famous K-pop band, BTS.

Rap Monster is the only member in the band who can speak fluent english. He helped his group members learn English before releasing their chart-topping song 'Dynamite'. The boys can now easily communicate with their US fans.

2. Gives the best advice

Kim Namjoon is known as the best leader in the K-pop industry. His team members are very supportive, and they listen to his advice with great importance. All the six boys trust their leader and that's all he wants from them.

3. Extremely hardworking

Bangtan Boys.

Because of Namjoon's hard work they are now  famous worldwide. They are the first K-pop group to win the best pop award at VMAs in 2020. Because of their amazing stage performances on special events like BBMAs and VMAs they have a huge fan following in America.

Who do you think is the leader's right hand in the band?

Watch RM's speech at the United Nations below:

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