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3 Korean beauty tips to learn from the song 'Ice Cream'!

We’re still recovering from Selena and Blackpink’s chart-topping music video, 'Ice Cream'. It’s so jam-packed with adorable outfits, good summer vibes, and candy-colored bikinis. What beauty lessons did the beauty icons give out in their video? Read below to find out!

  • Gomez has an estimated net worth of $75 million, whereas the K-pop girl band is worth $24 million.
  • Blackpink's official Instagram page has 29.3 million followers.
  • 'Ice cream' had 79.08 views in 24 hours of its release. 
  • Check out their song in the video below!

The eye-catching outfits the divas wore kept the audience hooked. It was obviously hard for the fans to keep up with all the looks served by the K-pop girls and Gomez. We narrowed it down to our most favorite looks.

Selena and Blackpink rocked the fusion of Asian and Western beauty. When it comes to makeup, K-pop artists have their own preference for a more natural look. On the other hand American beauty is all about glamming up.

From soft to bold makeovers, the ladies killed it with their fashionable and confident appearances. The South Korean girls went for a more youthful look after all, with limited contour and blush. On the contrary, Gomez was all about high cheekbones and a flush of colour to warm-up the face.

Blackpink has a lot to teach us a little more about color combinations. Jennie’s blue eyeliner with three yellow stars is officially one of our favourite looks from the music video. The beautiful contrast was hard to ignore.

Jennie Kim! Source: blackpinkupdates.com

 Lisa goes more on the funky side where she pairs her pink-purple hair with a yellow-green shadow. Even Selena gets in line with her funky bright green hat and her bold fuchsia lipstick. Fans were shocked to see how stunning each one of them looked.

The talented girls taught us how to modernise retro beauty trends and we couldn't be more intrigued. Selena‘s faux victory rolls gives off a vibe from the 50s. She curled the ends of her hair to update the look for the 21st century.

The beauty icons reached whole new levels of being in style. Jennie retrofies her long, black waves with the help of a bandana, while Jisoo goes down a different route with the bandana, styling it as a bow.

Jennie Kim! Source: twitter.com



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