Kai Kai

3 Interesting facts about the Exo singer, Kai!

The 26-year-old vocalist of the K-pop band, Exo, was the first member to be introduced to the public. He is also the main dancer and sub rapper of the band. The multi-talented pop star is famous for his solo cut in the song ‘Love Shot’. Want to know more about his hidden talents? Read below to find out!  

  • Kim Jong In stands tall with an impressive height of 6ft. He’s on number 5 among the 12 band members.
  • The model is famous for his photoshoots with well renowned magazines, like the ‘Lined Magazine’. His fans can’t stop drooling over how gorgeous he is. 
  • He has wowed the world with his crop top and suspenders style. The singer is setting fashion standards all around the globe. 
Kai rocking crop tops and suspenders

Following are some intriguing facts about the South Korean singer!

1. The K-pop star is known as ‘The Dancing King’ for his amazing dancing skills. His specialities include Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Popping and Locking. Fans can’t stop admiring his excellent dance moves in the song ‘Love Shot’.

He dances so effortlessly and smoothly to every beat that fans want to know the reason behind his flexible body. He is definitely the best dancer in the entire K-pop industry!

2. Kai’s favourite sport is soccer. Despite not being very good at it, compared to the other band members like Ximin and Lu Han, he loves playing the game. Amongst the 12 boys he’s on number 1 at memorizing the names of all the soccer players.

Fans now know the secret behind his perfect figure and fit physique. His other hobbies include reading books, biking, dancing and listening to quiet music. The star definitely knows how to keep himself busy, as he is always looking for activities to have fun. Guess this is what all of us need in our lives to keep our sanity. 

Kim x Krystal

3. Kim has been in an intimate relationship with the American singer, Krystal. She is also part of the South Korean girl group, F(x), which was formed by SM Entertainment. The duo were really good friends before and this friendship changed into something special in 2016. Fans were definitely ecstatic at the news and the two earned the title of K-pop’s favourite couple.

However, the lovers later had to part ways because of their busy schedules, leaving fans heart-broken. They are still very good friends, giving everyone a lesson that there’s no harm in ending one’s relationship on good terms. 

Were you aware of these hidden secrets? Which one did you find the most interesting?

Watch below Exo's 'Love Shot'!

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