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3 unknown facts about Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn, Britney’s younger sister, has a really amazing career as singer and actress since she was very young, however, there are 3 facts that you probably didn’t know about her personal life. Watch the video below!

  • She was the main character of Nickelodeon sitcom Zoey 101.
  • She has two daughters, Maddie (13) and Ivey (3).


1) She is Britney's trustee

After the #FREEBRITNEY campaign, promoted by Britney Spears’ fans on the social networks, which demanded the singer’s freedom to control her own career and social life, Jamie Lynn was named trustee of the pop star’s fortune.

2) Jamie Lynn had an early pregnancy

Zoey during her pregnancy years

On December 2007, Jamie Lynn announced that she was pregnant in an interview with OK! Magazine. This announcement surprised many of her fans from Zoey 101 because at that time, she was only 16! She had her daughter, Maddie (13) with her then boyfriend Casey Aldridge. In 2018, she had another daughter, Ivey Joan (3) with Jamie Watson.

3) She is back in the entertainment world

Jamie is going back to Zoey 101

Although the production of the sitcom was delayed, the reboot of the sitcom is a major success. This new version seeks to attract not only former fans of Zoey 101, but also a new generation of younger people.

With only 30 years old, Jamie Lynn has a successful career and many personal-life events that attract many fans. She is an amazing mother of two children and her sister’s trustee. Moreover, she has a really promising future. For these reasons and many others, we love the youngest of the Spears!

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