Update: Billie Eilish' livestream is happening right now

Yesterday we talked about this show. It's happening right now and we are living it. The new XR environments (virtual reality) of the live concert of our favorite singer. She posted a short trailer where we could get hands on what is supposedly to be the concert of the future and what many artists are imitating. Scroll down to see all the updates!

  • With the entrance ticket ($30) fans will get an exclusive pre-show, the possibility to ask the singer personal questions and never-before-seen scenes from her documentary film "The World’s A Little Blurry" hitting Apple TV on February 2021.
  • With the help of technology this will be something like fans have never seen before.
  • October 24th will mark the beginning of a new era for online concerts, with Eilish being the young leader in the current United States music industry.

Dim lighting, baggy clothes and a multicolored background. We are prepared. Billie is using XR, also known as Cross Reality. Fans with Facebook's Oculus Quest, the VR googles will be able to access the show as if they were there. Fans are still trying to figure to understand how it works on Twitter and it's hilarious:

For those who can't wait another second without knowing what it is, watch out for this "nerd" fact:
It's a mixed environment that joins both reality and the virtual world.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defined virtual reality as an environment artificially created. XR steps this definition up a notch and mixes it with our real world, sometimes even not realizing what is real and what is VR.

What can we wait to see in the concert? Probably something that will blow our minds off, and we can't wait to tell you everything about it! Don't go out far away because we are going to keep you with updates 24/7!  

Update: it's happening

OMG. People, that is only what I can tell you for now:

 I have my VR Oculus Quest googles from Facebook. I am flipping. For real. I look to the right, and I am in the room. It's like being literally there. Unconsciously, I reach my hand to see if I can touch the scenery. Then I remember I am in my home, wearing sweatpants, with my smoothie next to me.

Mark Zuckerberg trying VR googles. Source: Getty

My dog Sandwich (Yes, his name is Sandwich, don't judge) is looking me how I walk through the living room and how I dance alongside my furniture. Billie is singing live like never before. Just her. Her wonderful voice.

We got a peak preview from her new documentary that is going to be on Theaters on February 2021 and it's unreal how an 18-year-old managed to accomplish so much at such a young age. Got to leave you guys, Billie is looking me like "Come here you fool, I'm doing this for you". Thank you, technology and event producers who manage to make my Saturday 200% more exciting than I was planning to. Plus, I got to work in what I love! 

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