The famous singer, Harry Styles.

2 times Harry Styles pushed the boundaries of fashion

The 26-year-old singer’s gender-neutral fashion has boomed worldwide. From it-bags to shoes and coats Harry’s impeccable gender-fluid style has become a top trend in the United States fashion world. On his birthday, we wish him an amazing day and recall his amazing achievements. How is his genderless fashion always game on point? Read below to find out more!  

  • Many famous stars like Elvis Presley, David Bowie, and Sir Elton have been the fashion inspiration of Harry Styles. 
  • The British songstress is the global ambassador of his favorite Italian brand, Gucci.
  • He has also named the most influential celebrity dresser of 2020.

1) His Vogue photoshoot

Harry Styles in a Gucci outfit.

The talented superstar has become a fashion icon who loves to play with his outfits. According to Harry, clothes are made to have fun and we should remove all the gender barriers in fashion. This look of Harry fully comes from the Italian brand, Gucci. Looks like the singer’s style statement is incomplete without some Gucci products.

He is wearing a baby blue smock-frock which has countless frills on it. To add more style to his look, he wore a black jacket on the top, which perfectly goes with his deep neck attire. His incredible look proves that he has ditched all the stereotypes and enjoys being himself. I think that men should not hesitate when it comes to genderless fashion. They should always follow their hearts and keep Harry Styles in mind as their fashion inspiration. 

2) Harry's Met Gala look

Harry's Met Gala look in 2019.

The former member of One Direction has not only brightened up the world with his powerful voice but also with his unique fashion choices. In 2019, he once again proved to be the best-dressed celebrity in the world. He wore a black sheer blouse with matching tailored pants. The popular singer completed his looks by wearing elegant black heels with his stylish dress.

His genderless outfit made him look like the most handsome celebrity at Met Gala. Do you think that Harry loves to impress his fans in a different way?

Watch some of his best fashion looks below:

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