The famous explicit rapper of America, Cardi B.

2 times Cardi B showed off her private parts in public!

The American star is just craving some desired attention from her fans. She is one of the few celebrities with Miley Cyrus who is always ready to display a little more skin than usual. Cardi is defying social media censorship like Twitter and Instagram with her bold pictures. Watch them below!

  • The 28-year-old rapper is the queen when it comes to revealing outfits.
  • She is the only American star who can pull off the luxurious dresses of Fashion Nova.
  • Cardi B's without clothes posts are one of the most like pictures o hers on Instagram.

1) Showing her skin

Cardi B without clotheing

The American star likes to flash her real body a little too much. This bare picture of Cardi was a shocking surprise for her 81.8 million followers on Instagram. She lifted her right leg on the table and gave her fans a full view of her body. Cardi pointed towards her private part and proudly said:

'This is where I birthed my daughter, Kulture from'.

According to Cardi B women's personal part gives men comfort. Some of her fans didn't like her video, but we all know that she makes this kind of stuff just for fun.

2) Incredible view of her chest

Cardi in a sparkly pink dress.

This look of the Amerian diva grabbed the attention of everyone at the Pre-Grammys Party. She is wearing a bright pink sparkly dress that has perfectly hugged her curvaceous figure. Cardi opted for a sleek hairstyle which absolutely goes with her revealing look.

Seems like she chose this daring attire to let her fans keep their eyes on her eye-popping chest. Her fan base can't get enough of her provocative dresses and thinks that the queen can rock any outfit. What do you guys think about her gorgeous look? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch how Offset saved her at the party!


Back in January 2020, at the Grammy Awards party, her revealing dress almost lost its control and nearly slipped off of her chest! Nothing would have been left to imagination if Offset, her ex-husband, wasn’t there to cover it up!

The Clout singer’s mindfulness kept things under control as he instantly put his hand on Cardi’s breast to cover the destruction that was yet to come.

Does it conclude that Offset is the one who saves the WAP rapper from such mistakes? Perhaps if Kulture’s father had been there as well, nothing would have gone so far.

Anyways, there’s no use of crying over spilled milk. However, we expect the songwriter to be careful in the future because she's no ordinary person.

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