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10 reasons fans love Billie Eilish

We bet that while reading the title, you already had some ideas in your mind. Billie is an extremely talented singer, and moreover, she's an incredible human being. We admire her for so many reasons that it was hard to just chose ten. Watch the video below!

  • Billie's talent hasn't stop growing since she started doing music at 14 years old. 
  • The kindness with which she treats her fans, is one of her most amazing aspects. 
  • Eilish is always surprising the audience with her creations. 

10. She's super creative

Singer Billie Eilish

Never ever in our lives, some Billie Eilish's video or song got us bored. With the help of her brother Finneas O'Connell, her creations are always leaving us gaped. 

9. Billie's love for her fans

Billie Eilish and a little fan

We definitely think that this gorgeous blonde diva loves her fans almost in the same way that they love her. She's one of the most famous and grateful artists that we know nowadays, and that makes her so unique!

“Since the beginning I’ve wanted to have a relationship with the fans that I would have wanted as a fan. That was my goal.” she said. 

8. Her style

Billie Eilish wearing Louis Vuitton

It's impossible to deny that Billie has one of the most amazing styles in the music industry. Her baggy clothes and her amazing haircuts, encourages us to be whatever we want to be without thinking about others' opinions. 

7. She's extremely young

With only 19 years, Billie has reached the same peak of fame as many stars with many years of work. Her short age, makes her talent even more impressive, like it's happening with Olivia Rodrigo and also happened with Taylor Swift.

6. Eilish creates different characters

Billie Eilish in her music video 'You should see me in a crown'

In all of her videos, the artist seems to like playing different roles. She can be the scariest girl in the world, and also the most sassy one. We realized that in her latest music video for 'Lost Cause'. Everyone loves how versatile she is!

5. Her voice is genuine

Billie Eilish in concert

It's outstanding how her voice sounds, not only in her studio recorded songs, also in live performances. Billie's vocals are able to make us travel to other galaxies, with and without autotune. 

4. Her music is different from anything else

Singer Billie Eilish

One of the things that make us admire her the most, is the fact that since the beginning, Eilish's music never sounded like the rest. She was called in some moment the queen of dark pop, because the deep dark sounds in her songs mixed with her angelical voice blew everyone's mind. 

3. She loves her family

Billie Eilish and her family

The strong bond between the young star and her family members is undeniable. She's always expressing in public that without the support and the love of her parents and his brother, she would never be who she is. Isn't that sweet? Most of the time teenagers hate their parents! Haha.

2. Billie isn't afraid of changes

Billie Eilish. Source: Instagram

It doesn't matter if it's about clothes, hairstyles or music melodies, this singer teaches us that changes are great for life. Recently, she transformed her sunless style, into the most sweet and pastel-colored one, and fans are still in love with her! People that support you, will love you, no matter what. 

1. She inspires us to be free

Singer Billie Eilish for Vogue Magazine. Source: Vogue Magazine

Since this pop singer started her career, we noticed how she didn't care about what people may think about her. Billie dyed her hair in ways we even wouldn't imagine, she also uses clothes that most of us don't dare to, and you know which is the best part? She feels free by doing it. 

You may like Billie's music or not, but no one can say that what she does is amazing in terms of talent and inspiration. Thank you, Billie! Check out her new style in her latest video:

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