The two famous singer.

Taylor Swift gives a special gift to Katy Perry’s newborn!

Katy and her husband, Orlando Bloom welcomed their first baby in August 2020. The couple had a cute little daughter and they named her Daisy. For the last few days they have been busy receiving precious gifts from their friends and family. Read below to find out more!  

  •  Katy and Tay are popular musicians and have an estimated net worth of $330 million  and $400 million. 
  • Taylor Swift has 1.3 million more subscribers on Youtube than Katy.
  • The talented star Katy and the well-known musician, Swifty are both good friends.
  • Watch the video below to know more about Tayor's gift:

Recently the famous singer Taylor Swift sent a thoughtful gift for Katy’s baby daughter. It was a peach-coloured hand embroidered blanket on which it was written ‘ Baby Bloom’. What makes the gift so special? The amazing artist, TSwift stitched the blankie herself.

The three yellow stars and a flower on the blanket makes it look more beautiful. Along with the gift Tay also sent a sweet note for her newborn in which she wrote ‘When I was a baby, my most possession was a tiny silk blanket.’

The new mom, Katy shared the picture of Tay’s present on Instagram. Perry captioned her post as ‘ Miss adores her hand embroidered bankie from @taylorswift hope it’s one she drags around for years till it becomes an unrecognizable shred that she keeps in her pocket as a teenager,’ 

Katy and Taylor posing for a picture.

            All the expensive gifts that her daughter received Swift’s gift will always have a special place in Katy’s heart. According to fans this is the best and the sweetest gift  that Katy and Orlando have received up till now. 


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