Discover Miley Cyrus' top 5 best songs of all time

She is only 27 years old and has already released 7 studio albums. It is difficult to summarize Miley Cyrus' career in five songs. Impossible I would say, but we've taken 5 of her most famous and danceable songs of all time. Scroll down to discover them.

  • Miley Ray Cyrus is an American actress/singer/songwriter born on November 23rd of 1996 in Tennessee, U.S.
  • Throughout her career, she has amassed 116 million followers on Instagram and a net worth of $160 million.
  • Started out as an actress in Disney Channel's series Hannah Montana (2006 to 2011).

A few days ago the Can't Be Tamed singer announced the release of her 7 studio album Plastic Hearts on November 27th.

While we wait to see what surprises we find in the 15 songs that compose it, let's remember 5 of the most relevant successes of this wonderful and talented artist.

5. Party in the USA. 20029

We couldn't leave her most successful hit out the top 5.

This song ranked number one all over the world in 2009. I'm sure there is no one single person on the planet that hasn't listen to this tune at least once(and dance to it even if they won't admit it)

4. Midnight Sky 2020

This is one of her most recent singles. It will be included in the upcoming Midnight Sky and it's like a disco-pop song.

Very danceable, good lyrics, and a much more rocker voice for Miley Cyrus.

3. Who Owns My Heart? 2010

Is it love or is it art? I guess it's art right now.

This song was also a number one and is pure pop.

Nice video and Cyrus beginning to show her irreverent style.

2. We Can't Stop 2013

Remember this moment at the VMAs 2013? Poor guy!

Talking about irreverent style, this song has it all.

Brings right to my mind her live performance at the VMAs 2013 next to Robin Thicke and all the surrounding controversy.

Still a great song, about doing what you want and especially expressing yourself freely.

1. Wrecking Ball 2013

This is by far Miley Cyrus' best song. The video was wild with an actual wrecking ball and Miley swinging on it without any clothes. She was saying that though she tried hard to fit couldn't help the need to be herself. It's not walking away is living my real life. 

What's your favorite?

Leave us your comments.

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