5 incredible facts about the K-pop Queen, Lisa Manoban

The Thai-born rapper is the most popular member of the Korean band, Blackpink. Lisa is the prettiest girl in Asia. The 23-year-old star is gaining popularity day by day and is becoming the new face of American Beauty. Read below to find out more about her!

  • Lalisa has a net worth of $6 million-$8 million.
  • The 5’6” tall diva weighs only 101 lbs.
  • She was raised by her stepfather, celebrity chef Marco Bruschweiler. 

1- Lisa is the youngest member of the South Korean band, Blackpink. Despite her age, she’s the best female dancer in Korea.


2- The K-idol is obsessed with the Marvel series. She is in love with the American actor, Chris Hemsworth’s character, ‘Thor’. With her rising popularity, will the Marvel Studios consider her for their future movies? We’re sure that starring next to Thor will be a dream-come-true for Lisa. Also, it will bring a nice flavor of diversity to the Superheroes’ crew.

Lalisa Manoban with her cats


3- Lili is a pet lover; she owns 4 cats and often takes pictures of them. She also likes to draw sketches of her cats. If Lisa was not a singer, we bet that she would’ve been a great sketcher or photographer. However, she chooses to express her creativity through her music and fans love it.


4- Lalice is a die-hard fan of makeup. She has an amazing collection of beauty products. The well-known artist looks beautiful even if she wears a minimum amount of makeup. She thinks that a little makeup can create a great impact.


5- The K-idol’s skin-care routine is the secret behind her flawless skin. Fans wonder if she will become the next celebrity to launch her own skin-care line. With her newfound fame in the USA, her Korean brand could be very successful worldwide!

Check out her new song ‘Ice-cream’ below:

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