Billie Eilish at the Oscar Awards 2020 Billie Eilish at the Oscar Awards 2020

5 Billie Eilish nail designs that will inspire you!

Definitely Billie is one of the most dared celebrities when we talk about nail art designs. She usually chooses unique styles for her hands to be as awesome as her. We selected the best ones for you to get inspired and put your nails to shine. Watch them below!

  • Billie is turning 19 years old in only three days.
  • She gave a break to her nails during quarantine but this singer always surprise us with the designs she chooses for them. 
  • Sometimes Billie combines her nails' design with the logo of the brand of her clothes. 

1. Neon

Singer Billie Eilish with neon nails

In this case, Billie's nails combine with her hair and the result is awesome! If you have your hair colored you can combine the nail color with it, or if you have a party with purple light, for sure you will stand out from the rest!

2. Lines

Singer Billie Eilish with stripped nails. Source: Getty Images

Billie inspired herself in the brand Burberry for this one, but we think that this style could be a trend in this autumn-winter 20/21. You can do as many lines as you want!

3. Nude color

Singer Billie Eilish with nude-colored nails. Source: Instagram

If you are looking for a more sober and elegant design, you can choose to paint your nails in a nude color like Billie usually does. 

Singer Billie Eilish with nude-colored nails

She has used different styles with these shades, from bright to pearl ones. Furthermore, you can add some letters on them, for making it more unique!

4. Bright Red

Singer Billie Eilish with red Gucci nails. Source: Instagram

If you want to call out for attention, definitely choose this color. It's great for dared outfits but also for sober ones in which you want just to highlight something. You can combine it with other colors like Billie did by adding the Gucci logo. 

5. Gems

Singer Billie Eilish with black nails. Source: Getty Images

The most fancy style for your nails will be adding some precious stones over them. In this case, Billie chose for the Oscar Awards, to paint her nails in black but adding a little gem on them. She looked so gorgeous!

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