Lee Jung Jae might join Marvel Universe soon Lee Jung Jae might join Marvel Universe soon

Will Lee Jung Jae be part of Marvel Universe? He might appear in the franchise soon

It seems that Lee Jung Jae could have his Hollywood debut soon acting for Marvel, what character could he have?

Lee Jung Jae is an amazing Korean actor who has worked in a lot of movies and series, maybe soon we will see him again on the big screen and this time with his Hollywood debut that would give us a new character of this celebrity within the universe of Marvel.

Lee Jung Jae is now a legendary Korean actor, his career began many years ago and the Korean public has seen him grow in series and movies in the country. In 1993 was when he made his debut both in film and for television, he already has almost 30 years of experience and continues to surprise the audience.

One of Jung Jae's most recent works was 'Squid Game', the Netflix original Korean drama that blew up all over the world. It became one of the most popular series on the platform and the actor gained a lot of relevance worldwide from then on.

His career and great acting have made Jung Jae noticed by brands and more producers and directors. We are sure that his career will continue to grow and perhaps soon we will see him in the cinema again, this time at an international level. Can you imagine this actor as a Marvel hero or villain?

Well, the MCU could add the Korean actor to its ranks, where could we see Lee Jung Jae acting? He could soon have his Hollywood debut.

Lee Jung Jae is in talks with Marvel Studios, he might join the MCU soon

It is rumored that Lee Jung Jae is in talks with Marvel Studios, for which the Korean actor could soon join the MCU and be part of a movie in this great franchise. It is not yet known for sure what he would debut in, or if it would be in a series for Disney +, if he would be a hero or a villain. Fans are waiting for this rumor to be confirmed and more information about Jung Jae's role with Marvel.

Lee Jung Jae might debut in Marvel soon | Twitter: @mculokii

We would love to see Lee Jung Jae in a Marvel movie, we await more information to find out what he would do with the franchise, any project would be extremely exciting.

Would Park Seo Joon and Lee Jung Jae meet in the Marvel Universe?

Lee Jung Jae would not be the first Korean actor to be part of the Marvel Universe, and we will soon see actor Park Seo Joon in a movie from this franchise. Could it be that the stories of both actors within Marvel come together for something new? Maybe they are in that universe, it would really be very exciting.

Lee Jung Jae and Park Seo Joon would be both part of the MCU | Twitter: @iconickdramas

Well, let's wait for more information about Lee Jung Jae in Marvel, something that really excites us the most.

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