Lee Min Ho's first movie Lee Min Ho's first movie

What is Lee Min Ho's first movie? This was his debut on the big screen

Lee Min Ho has not only acted in K-Dramas, but also in movies, how was his debut in Korean cinema?

Lee Min Ho's great talent for acting is not only in dramas, but also in movies and here we tell you how and when the actor appeared in the cinema for the first time.

There are a lot of K-Dramas that Lee Min Ho has acted in and perhaps these series are the main reason why this actor has become so popular and loved in many parts of the world. His roles in these productions are amazing and he always surprises us with a new character.

Some of the Korean dramas in which Minho has worked have become true classics, surely all the public still remember him in 'Boys Over Flowers' or 'The Heirs'. And we can't forget 'Pachinko', one of his most recent works that has surprised fans and critics.

Lee Min Ho's career has a lot of dramas, but he has not only worked in series for television. This Korean actor has also taken to the big screen acting for some movies in which he shows some of his other facets and talents in front of the cameras.

But what was the first movie Lee Min Ho acted in? Here we tell you everything about his debut on the big screen, you can watch his very first film!

With which movie did Lee Min Ho make his debut in the cinema?

'Public Enemy Returns' was Lee Min Ho's first movie, he acted in this film with a supporting role, his character was Jung Ha Yeon. This movie was released in 2008 and is about a man who has a lot of debt and is broke. He is about to retire when he is assigned a new case involving a top CEO and some murders.

Public Enemy Returns | Twitter: @wenroad

That was just the beginning of Lee Min Ho's career in movies, his first film showed us a new facet of the actor and he would soon be part of other movies.

 What movies has Lee Min Ho acted in?

Lee Min Ho has participated in various films, here we have his complete filmography so you can enjoy these movies of the Korean actor. Choose one of them as your favorite or watch them all in one long marathon.

Lee Min Ho's first movie | Twitter: @brunette931

 So now you know Lee Min Ho's movies, maybe there are not as many as his dramas, but there you will see more of the actor, his facets, talents and characters.

Keep reading more about your favorite Korean actors, do you know who of them have their birthdays on June? Here we tell you everything about it.

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