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Park Seo Joon is debuting in Hollywood with 'The Marvels', when will be the premiere?

The famous actor Park Seo Joon is joining Marvel Studios. When will be the premiere of "The Marvels"?

The sequel movie of "Captain Marvel" is getting ready. This story starring Brie Larson will be back in the cinemas. The global euphoria for Marvel increased when the studios decides to look for some of the most relevant actors from all the nationalities.

For the upcoming movie "The Marvels", Park Seo Joon will be playing an important role. The handsome actor has already conquered the hearts of the public all over the world thanks to his multiple K-Dramas such as "Itaewon Class" or "Hwarang".

Actor Park Seo Joon / By @archiveseojoon

The talented artist is making his debut on the Hollywood big screen with this Marvel project. We are telling you all the information about it.

What role is Park Seo Joon playing in "The Marvels"?

At the moment there is not too much information. As usual, Marvel keeps everything a secret to the last moment. Also, Park Seo Joon just has revealed his enthusiasm for the project. The actor said he was really nervous when the filming began.

However, the world already knows what character he is playing. For this movie, he is Amadeus Cho, an American-Korean who will be the new version of Hulk. Apparently, he concluded his participation in the filming in London and the United Staes

When we'll be "The Marvels" on the big screen?

Unfourtanly, the premiere date of this movie has been changing a lot. The recording is already finished and "The Marvels" is now in the post-production process. 

'The Marvels' promotional / By @emiliacupdates

The fanatics have to wait a little bit more, the date was changed again. It will be at the cinema on July 28, 2023. We can't wait to see Park Seo Jon on the big screen!

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