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Jung Hoyeon confirmed to star in new movie 'The Governesses'

A new project will be starring by Jung Hoyeon. 'Squid Game' actress is raedy to take Hollywood.

After "Squid Game" massive success, the actress and model Jung Hoyeon got global attention because of her talent. Her impressive interpretation in the Netflix series is helping her to open every single door she wants. 

Recently the public is receiving great news for the future projects of the artist. Her agency has revealed she will be playing a lead role in a Hollywood film. Here is all the information.

Jung Hoyeon in a Joe Talbot film

Jung Hoyeon stories / Instagram @hoooooyeony

According to Jung Hoyeon's agency, Saram Entertainment, the actress has been cast in "The Governesses". The movie will be directed by Joe Talbot who has previous projects like "The last black man in San Francisco" and "American Paradise".

Jung Hoyeon, Lily-Rose Depp and Renate Reinsve will be playing the lead roles in the film. "The Governesses" is based on Anne Serre's novel with the same name. It is the story of three rebellious governesses who motivate the imagination of the couple they work for.

Jung's workmates are well known for their skills. Last year, Renate Reinsve won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in "The Worst Person in the World". At the same time, Lily-Rose Depp, (Johnny Depp's daughter), has starred "The Dancer" and "Wolf".

Hoyeon's schedule is full, last month it was revealed the artist will be appearing in the new Alfonso Cuaron's show "Disclaimer" that will be airing in Apple TV+.

Which project are you looking forward to?

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