Harry Styles for 'Eternals' Harry Styles for 'Eternals'

Is Harry Styles starring a solo project with Marvel? He will be back as Starfox

A few moths ago the internet went crazy when it was revealed that Harry Styles joined Marvel movies with the character Starfox. He could have his own solo project.

Harry Styles has conquered the globe with his music. The British singer just dropped his album "Harry's House" and as it was expected it's gettin the best reactions from the public and the critics.

A few years Styles debuted as an actor with the movie "Dunkirk" by the director Christopher Nolan. The premiere of more filming projects starring him will be here pretty soon. The singer is the male lead role of "Don't Worry Darling" to be released in September.

Harry Styles / By @PAR1S28

Nevertheless, his unexpected appearance in the movie "Eternals" created an explosive reaction on social media. The massive popularity of the singer plus the euphoria for the Marvel movies are building high expectations for this collaboration.

Marvel could be working in a Starfox solo project starring Harry Styles

According to The SRP Report, Marvel Studios is setting down all the details for a new project about Harry Styles' character Starfox or Eros. The introduction of this role was made in a post-credits scene of "Eternals" back in November 2021.

Harry Styles for 'Eternals' / By @harrycolombia_

There is no confirmation yet but it could be the origin story of Thanos' brother. In the comic book published by Marvel, Eros is a member of the Eternals. Unlike his brother, the character is good looking and has the power to control other people's emotions.

Eros was born in Titan but when he takes part of the superhero gang The Avengers or with the Eternals he uses the name Starfox. Do you want to see how he got his super powers?

Apparently this project may be a movie or series. Its production is right now in its early state. It's a fact that Harry Styles already signed to work with Marvel. Do you think the rumor could be real?

While we wait for Marvel to confirm this information, check here everything about Harry Styles upcoming movie "Don't Worry Darling".

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