Kendall Jenner with make up

What is "Gua Sha", the beauty trend approved by celebrities?

What do supermodel Kendall Jenner, actresses Emilia Clarke and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? Apart from being millionaires and famous, they share the same Asian beauty routine that is growing between California famous residents. Check it out below!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • The routine helps to brighten and smoothen your skin.
  • Facial treatments like gold masks and Gua Sha facials are the most requested methods in Hollywood movie sets.
  • Jade and Amethyst tools who were used in Ancient China are now being shown in social media of modern stars like Canadian singer Justin Bieber and 1990s supermodel Elle MacPherson.

Like almost every facial treatment, the idea is to get the blood circulating and to reduce puffiness from the cheeks. Collagen production can be achieved with many artificial methods but in this case it's all natural. It's also known as the "Eastern facelift" because it reduces wrinkles and the tensions of the face muscle.

Gua Sha tool

How much does it cost? Every one of us, single mortals who don't have millions and free treatments in almost every beauty salon in Los Angeles can try it. Are you ready to give it a shot? You just need to apply an oil and start using your jade tool the following way:

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