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TikTok latest trend: Fake tan to tint your eyebrows

TikTok is today's most popular social media platform and it's only three years old. In the US it's been available since 2018 and in 2 years it's been downloaded more than 2 billion times.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • TikTok craze has also boomed due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. Quarantine is the perfect scenario for online media.
  • In March when the world was forced to self-isolate, the app's download rose considerably. 
  • According to Comscore during that month users in the US spent an estimate of 14 hours a day on the application.
Chanelle Spivak tried out the fake tan brow tint

You can find everything online! From recipes to beauty tips. Many hair salons are still closed due to COVID-19 so TikTokers started getting creative. The latest trend is to tint your brows with fake tan. Check out this TikTok user's video on how to do it. Her name is Chanelle and you can find her on TikTok under tiktokteenagers.


If you're still trying to stay indoors or your hair salon hasn't reopened or even just for fun or curiosity this video might push you towards trying the fake tan brow tinting or what seems to be a very effective bathrobe curl technique! For TikTok makeup hacks check out the video below!

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