Two men doing flyboard Two men doing flyboard

This is Flyboard: the ultimate summer sport!

Flyboard is an outdoor activity that looks like something out of the movies. An Iron-man (or woman) lookalike, you will be having fun like crazy while having great pictures for your social media.  Yaay reporter Bruno Wahrmann tried it, and he shares his experience.

  • What is it? It's a board that makes you fly.  Air bubbles go down, you go up. Really fast. 
  • Invented by former jet ski world champion and inventor from France Franky Zapata, this is the ultimate activity to do in the summer around water. Franky was looking for something else to do with his jet ski, and he came up with a great idea.
  • Using the pressure from the engine of a jet ski or motorboat, instead of accelerating the ship, you will be releasing air through a pipe that will lift you up.

Is flyboard difficult to learn? Absolutely not! It is way easier than water ski or wakeboard. Why? Because you start standing up, you don't need to lean to a side or bend your knees. You will need a little balance, but it's a sport that you can basically learn how to do it the first time you stand on the board. Of course, for doing these types of tricks you will be a little more experience.

He also posted on his Instagram about his latest invention: The Flyboard air. The same concept as the Flyboard, but in the air! Crazy!

Flyboard Air by Franky Zapata. Source: Instagram

If you don't have that much love for heights or money to spend, try doing this challenge and you will be also having fun!

It is the kind of accessory luxury yachts come with, like a millionaire toy.


Yaay reporter Bruno Wahrmann trying Flyboard for the first time. Source: Yaay Today

Pros: It's super fun, you will get an incredible feeling of being in top of the world and flying like a superhero. You can do dolphin moves while having the jet propellers on, which is really fun. Also, it's easy to learn.

Cons: If you need to rent the whole equipment and the jet ski, it's going to be an expensive activity. Also, burns fuel from the engines which is not climate change friendly. Hopefully, we will be able to see an electric flyboard anytime soon.

Price? Around 80 dollars 25 minutes and if you want to buy one, 3500 dollars only the board and equipment.

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