five-star Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam

The first hotel made of gold has just opened in Vietnam

The five-star hotel called Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake is the ultimate luxury experience. Featuring even toilets made of gold, this is a unique concept that cost around $200 million dollars to build. Check it out!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • The pool, the outside walls and even the shower heads are wrapped in 24-carat gold. 
  • One of the first guests of South Korea said he felt "like a King".

The basic prize for a room is $250 per night, which is "cheap" compared to other hotels. The chairman of the company that owns the property, Mr Huu Duong,  said he wants "ordinary people to feel rich".

Even the pool is made of gold. Source: AFP via Getty Images

How they made that price happened? They sourced the gold locally from Vietnam and kept the costs relatively cheap. The group is also owner of a furniture equipment store, so they really controlled the whole production chain. Would you stay there?

This could be called a throne instead of a WC

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