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The COVID-19 lesson for the fashion industry

CEOs and directors of the most acclaimed fashion brands in the world like Armani, Gucci and Saint-Laurent expressed their opinions regarding the 4 season changes and what we all should learn after this pandemic. Check it out!

  • Gucci will no longer follow the concept of seasons.
  • Only 2 fashion show per year will be done, and it will be both winter and summer.
  • Phillip Plein is doing already digital presentations of his clothing using robotic arms.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director stated that "clothing should have longer life than one season". He also criticized trends, saying that they shouldn't exist. Saint-Laurent's authorities also supported his state of mind.

Finneas Eilish, Alessandro Michele and singer Billie Eilish

The new fashion shows will express liberty, joy and gender mix. Every year, thanks to the "fast fashion industry", millions of pieces are thrown away. In Germany for example, there are containers that are sent monthly to Africa, where people will use or re-sell used clothes.

The problem? Brands like Forever XXI, Zara or H&M sell low quality at affordable prices, so most of them are useless afterwards. The main goal of the fashion brands is to be more eco-friendly and take into consideration the climate-change.

Check out their "home office" campaign:

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