Property Brothers

Property Brothers TV stars share their go-to design tips

The famous TV brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have been busy this year. They premiered their show on the decoration channel HGTV called "Celebrity IOU" and they starred in season 3 of their popular show “The Property Brothers: Forever Home”. Learn from experts how to decorate your home in a simple and fashion way!  

  • While each house and project are different the brothers have a few signature styles that make it their own.
  • Some renovation tricks work on every project. 
  1. Two-tone kitchen colors. Bold colors are great and can really lift your spirits but too much can be overwhelming. That's why the brothers mix and match two-tone kitchen cabinets. Light colors to achieve a fresh look and accent colors for personality.
    Two tone kitchen colors to add personality
  2. Light color hardwood floors. Light colors give a sense of bigger space and less clutter.
  3. Fun tiles in the entryway and plenty of closet space. Fun tiles give more personality and are easier to clean than hardwood floors, so the brothers usually make an exeption with the entryway. In addition, having plenty of closet space right at the door is very functional. 
    Closet space at the entryway can be quite convenient
  4. Built-in seats for dining spaces. They give the sense of less formal and more cozy than a big dining table.
  5. Bold light fixtures. Give that sense of contemporary style that characterizes the brothers. It also adds personality to the room.
Bold light fixture that provides a sense of style while illuminating the room

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