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Post-Pandemic World: Strip Clubs With Restrictions

American citizen’s aren’t the only people taking precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic. Believe it or not strip clubs are obligating their exotic dancers to cover up with masks and gloves! The stripper club experience has changed and physical contact is a thing of the past thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more below!

  • Exotic dancers are now required to wear protective personal equipment like facial masks and gloves all while maintaining a 6 feet minimum from customers, therefore, lap dances are prohibited.
  • The stripper and adult industry is going to look a lot different while transitioning to the “new normal”.
  • The average stripper makes $379 per shift, which means they make a yearly income of $98,500 a year.
  • Now that their hours will be reduced, they're extremely worried about whether they will be able to go back to work, and if it's actually safe to do so.

Due to new regulations and restrictions those who enter these clubs will be required to use face masks and gloves. To avoid the spread of infection indoors the clubs will be limiting their customer capacity. There will be less exotic dancers working the poles and stage. The limit for seated customers will also be practiced.

The strip club experience has changes completely after the pandemic

A stripper joint with no contact? Sounds like club goers will have to get used to it and the club owners in the adult industry are concerned about what the future holds for their business.

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