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Miami Beach Could Become the New Coronavirus Epicenter

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pointed fingers at young people with friends as the main cause for accelerating infection rates. There has been a second wave of coronavirus and it looks like Florida has been hit harder than other states. New regulations have been announced but  Miami Beach residents haven't been respecting them. Check our exclusive video from Miami Beach below!

By  Pam Loureiro
  • Since Friday, June 26th the cases in Miami-Dade and Broward County have sky-rocketed making Florida the new coronavirus epicenter.
  • Over the weekend the cases have gone up to almost 30,000 confirmed cases, leaving the United States and Florida residents extremely concerned.
  • The city of Miami has placed a curfew every day to attempt to lower the rising cases.

The beaches and parks have officially been open, but there are many guidelines. 

  1. First you need to wear a mask. Face Masks are now mandatory, not only to keep you safe, but also to keep safe those around you. For those who do not  wear a mask they will receive a $150 fine and may be facing 6 months in prison.
  2. Social distancing is suggested but unfortunately many beach goers, pedestrians or locals do not practice these guidelines.
Miami Beach coronavirus guidelines

Florida has announced that the parks and beaches will be closed off starting July 2nd all the way to July 7th, as to avoid crowds during the 4th of July celebrations.

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