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Laugh and have a smile: funniest pictures of signs on Reddit

Reddit is a web where users can submit their content and then the most voted will see the light of the internet. Millions of users can't be wrong and here you will see the funniest signs people have found on the road. Check them out!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Their headquarters are in San Francisco.
  • The website has been valued in over $3 billion dollars.
  • They had famous investors like Snoop Doog and Jared Leto.
Well, this is confusing

There are some mistakes that can last forever... at least until they realize it and change the signs. But investing money, thinking what to write and then making colossal errors is hilarious. From roads leading to "Carrot" to accidents with dinosaurs, these pictures have everything you can imagine and more!

Poor doughnuts!
Beware of wolves!
Keep the distance!
Not really charming

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