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How to create your own outdoor sanctuary

2020 had a rough start, and we are all feeling the consequences of the global pandemic. Coronavirus lockdown has been tough on everybody and people need a relief space, even if that means rearranging your backyard. 

  • An outdoor space, no matter how big or small always helps your well-being.
  • Green spaces can have a huge impact on your mood.
  • Try to keep it simply, less is more!
Create your own zen space to meditate

Choosing a part of our home and turning it into your "zen space" is possible if you follow a few simple suggestions.

There are some key elements when it comes to creating a peaceful meditation space. Experts suggest versatility in the design in order to have different spaces for different activities such as eating or exercising. It's always convenient to keep in mind the weather variable. If you want to get the most out of sunlight or if you prefer shade to shelter you from the sun.

Certain elements can help create the "nature vibe" like stone or wood. Plants and running water can also provide a sense of tranquility.

Try to keep it simple and avoid clutter, this goes for the actual physical space as for your view. If can see a busy city street you might want to choose another part of your house. Simplicity is very important to achieve calmness.

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