making numbers to pay the bills making numbers to pay the bills

Find out what is making your utility bill go up

While COVID-19 pandemic might have saved you money on traveling or shopping it may also be making your bills go higher than expected. Keep on reading to see what are the most common and costly mistakes you might be making.

  • You're spending more time at home which means you're probably using more water and electricity.
  • Follow energy experts' advice and check out the video below on how to save money. 

We all know that you have to keep the windows closed if your turning on the AC but did you know locking doors and windows can save you money? This helps prevent "air flow". Brad Roberson, president of Glass Doctor, a company that specializes repairing, replacing and installing glass, says "That’s not a proper seal". "You must also lock windows and doors to create an airflow seal”. Roberson also recommends installing UV-rated window film or even a set of awnings to help keep the heat of the sun away. It might be unnoticeble but it eventually affects your electric bill.

Remember to lock windows and doors to seal airflow

Check to see if your AC filter needs replacing. Marla Mock, vice president of operations for Aire Serv says “The job of an AC filter is to remove debris from the air before it enters your system”. If you don't replace the filter it can clogg up and won't cool as much. This makes your AC unit work a lot harder causing a substantial rise in your bill.

Check your pipes for any leaks

Save money on your water bill by checking your pipes, even the smallest leaks can add up by the end of the month. Another thing to watch out for is the insulation. “People waste a lot of water waiting for showers and sinks to become hot,” says Ryan Thompson of Plumbing Informer. “One way to reduce the amount of time it takes the water to heat up is to insulate your hot water pipes.”

Remember to unplug appliances

Unplugging all electronic devices can save you a lot of money. Just because you turn off a device doesn't mean it's not consuming electricity. Kitchen appliances like coffee machines, microwaves, blenders they all continue to draw electricity. Things like leaving your charger plugged in also affects your bill. The solution is getting a smart power strip, they're not expensive and can save you money. 

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