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Can you have a good relationship with your ex?

This is one of the main questions everybody asks. Is it good? Is it bad? Should you keep in touch? Psychologist Monica Dosil tells us 3 steps that we all should follow with our couples.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • From texting to seeing him/her, there are some consequences of managing your love relationship
  • With these tips you will assure that you are still happy and in peace. This will be beneficial for your health and will help you reduce stress while closing doors and start looking to the future.
1. Can you always achieve it? The answer is yes. When you did it once, you can repeat it.
2. Benefits? No hard feelings, no wounds and you still have a person who you can trust.
3. Are you supposed to keep contact? Yes, as long as both are comfortable with it, but not very often.

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