Billie razor kit

Billie: The razor that revolutionized women's lives

The mastermind behind this unique business is Georgina Gooley, co-founder of this positive self-care brand that not only sells razor kits for $9 dollars but also many other products such as lip balms and dry shampoo. 

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Gooley has worked for big brands like Old Spice, but the advertising executive wanted to have her own company that would reflect her point of view on women's beauty.
  • The message Billie brand wants to convey is that women shouldn't have to apologize for looking like themselves, especially during quarantine times when isolation might favor laziness in shaving, hair styling, makeup or dressing up.

The brand decided to launch a campaign that would empower women and set them free from any disclaimers on how they look. Women shouldn't apologize for greasy hair or unshaven legs!

"The beauty industry has typically celebrated hairless, glossy, airbrushed women," says Ashley Armitage who shot and directed Billie's ad campaign that actually celebrates women with hair! The photographer has already made headlines for her Instagram movement to embrace pubic hair.

One of Armitage's favorite photos for Billie

The razor kit not only costs you $9 dollars but it's sent to your house! When you order the kit you receive a razor handle, two razor heads, and a magnetic mount that you can attach to your shower wall. In following shipments, they send you four replacement razor heads. The heads are surrounded with a layer of soap to ensure you're getting a close and safe shave.  

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