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According to science women are more likely to believe in the supernatural

Women tend to be more intuitive than men and according to scientific research this leads to women believing in the supernatural. Sara Ward from the University of Illinois said women are more superstitious and more likely to believe in magical phenomena.  The Journal of Research and Personality published the results of four studies which prove women tend to follow their "gut feeling". This is intrinsically related to the belief in magic. The hypothesis was backed up by results of men whose belief in the supernatural increased when they showed more trust in their intuition.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • The fact that women trust their intuition more than men explains why they are more likely to believe in ghosts, karma and fate.
  • The explanation that Ward found for why men are less likely to believe in magical phenomena is that they tend to feel more "in control". However, this does not apply to gambling.
  • Research shows men tend to rely more on their intuition when gambling.

Scientific research shows men are more inclined to trust their intuition if it can lead to winning or personal gain. This can explain why men's trust in their "gut feeling" increases when gambling.

Research shows men's trust in their intuition increases when gambling

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