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5 signs that show you are with a good man

There are so many people in this world and so many candidates, that it is difficult to find someone suitable for dating that meets our demanding requirements. However, there are a couple of clues that help you figure out that you made the right choice. Watch this video to learn more!

By  Estefanía Martínez
  • There are several signs showing that your marriage or relationship is toxic and there are indicators that you are doing the things right and everything runs smoothly. 
  • Try to see if you feel identified with any of these points and you will be sleeping really good tonight!
1. He makes you feel secure. About yourself and about life.
2. He treats everyone with respect. No matter the place or situation.
3. He has ambitious goals.And you're included in his plans.
4. He supports your dreams. No matter what.
5. Your family and friends love him. That´s it, go and marry him ASAP!

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