5 moving tips pet owners should follow

Moving can be stressfull on you and your pets. From hiring a moving company to packing everything into boxes, all can lead to a cahotic environment. Imagine the stress your pets must go through! Thinking about their well-being throughout the process can add even more stress, so we've decided to help you out! Read below for a list of tips to follow.

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Animals get accustomed to their environment and recognize its smell. 
  • When you generate change it can be confusing to them and lead to anxiety.
  • Our pets aren't able to verbaly communicate what's going on with them so we must take all the necessary precautions before the move and be aware of their behavior afterwards.
  • Check out the video for experts' advice on how to reduce your pet's anxiety during the move.

When you move you realize the amount of unecessary things you've stored through the years. Some things you probably didn't remember you had. So, this is the opportunity to let go of those roller skates you keep stored in the garage since you were a teenager. With all this on your mind you might forget to take into consideration your furry friends.

Don't let moving day affect your pets

Here's a list of things you should consider when moving with pets:

  1. Sending them away on moving day. This day is guaranteed to be a bit chaotic and having them around can make them nervous. Nicole Ellis, certified Professional dog trainer suggests sending them away for the day or even overnight. For cat owners it might be easier, you can simply put them in a room during the process. This is a great way to take some stress off of you. You can pack and unpack without having to worry about your pets.
  2. Do not wash their belongings. Pets can recognize smells and having scents from their old house can help them adjust to the new place.
  3. Keep on eye on your pet after you've moved. Sometimes animals can try to go back to their old house. Be aware for any escape route they may find. Walk them around the neighborhood so they get familiarized with the new environment and it's always a good idea to introduce them to your neighbors and exchange numbers just in case.
  4. Try not to change their setup too much. Cats are especially attached to the territorry, having things like they had in the old house will make them feel safe. Don't get scared if you can't find your cat the first few days after moving, they tend to hide untill they feel comfortable.
  5. Stick to their routines. Respecting their feeding schedule, walks or play time is important for them. It will give them a sense of tranquility and avoid anxiety.

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