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5 health benefits of skiing

Do you hate winter like most of the people do? Well, here are some facts you might need to start changing your mind. Ski is one of the fanciest and interesting sports in the world. After you learn it, you will be going down the slopes enjoying a probably beautiful view. Check out this video to see why you should do it (or keep practicing it).

Our Yaay journalist Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart and his instructor on a tour in Austria

1. You are out in the nature. And probably with a wonderful view

2. It’s a great cardio sport. You burn calories like crazy!

3. Balance master. After doing ski, you will be using muscles that you probably never used before (and you will be with muscle sore probably the first times) and you will be using your core like crazy.

4. Reflexes. You will be faster and have a sense of danger like never before. You will learn to think fast and react faster.

5. It’s a family sport. People in snowy places learn it from as young as 2 years old and you can do it until you are old!

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