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5 clear signs that you need to quit your job!

It's normal to have a bad day at work or to feel unmotivated. You can even have a bad week, but if you constantly feel uninspired you should evaluate whether your job makes you unhappy. If so, it might be time to quit!

  • Being unhappy at your work place can have a huge impact on your mental health. Consider these signs and find out if it's time to start handing out resumes.
  1. If you never want to go the extra mile perhaps you lack motivation. Despite your capacities you deliver less.
  2. You're bored and uninspired. If you wake up in the morning and don't feel motivated to go to work, your job doesn't inspire you anymore and you feel frustrated you should definitely consider changing jobs.
  3. If you don't desire your boss' job than maybe the job isn't for you. You need to find a job that inspires you to grow.
  4. You start feeling like an outsider, like you don't fit in. There might not be anything that actually bothers you about the job but perhaps  you need more challenges.
  5. You're constantly overlooked and underappreciated. Don't waste your potential, go somewhere you are valued.

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