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5 Ethical fashion brands that make a difference in the world

Ethical fashion refers to the whole fashion process from the design to the making, distribution, fabric materials, animal welfare and retail among other things.

  • Ethical brands are those whose products, services or activities are morally correct and do not harm people, animals or the environment.
  • These brands also contribute in a way to society positively and sustainably.

If you're concerned about the environment and want to be more eco-friendly check out Hana Grace's YouTube channel for vegan recipes and sustainable tips. 

Here are some ethical brands you can look into as well:

  1. Did you know H&M has a Conscious Collection
  2. TOMS has a "One for One" practice where everytime a pair is bought another one is donated to a child in need.
  3. WeWood watches. For every watch that is bout the makers plant a tree.
  4. Warby Parker prescription eyewear and sunglasses. With every purchase they donate a pair. They also work with local communities and train them to do eye tests. 
  5. Roma Boots not only donate a pair to a child in need with every purchase,t they also send them full schools supplies!
WeWood watches goal for 2020 is to plant 1 million trees
Roma Boots donates a pair and sends full school supplies to children in need

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