Breakfast Cereals

5 Celebrity musicians who love breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are a childhood classic, but many celebrities continue to eat them! There are infinite types and flavors, and here are some of their favorite.

  • Breakfast foods can be misleading. There are different cereal brands that are labeled as "healthy" but actually they have a lot of sugar and chemicals.
  • Nonetheless, cereals seem to be universally approved in the music industry!
  • This video shows you 5 ways to identify healthier cereals.
Taylor Swift

1. Singer Taylor Swift once tweeted about having cereal for dinner with her parents.

2. In 2015 singer Katy Perry posted a photo with a Lucky Charms cereal box and said her mom had surprised her by sending it to her after a lifetime of sugar deprivation.

 3. Singer Rihanna requested a box of Golden Grahams during her the “777” promotional tour for her 7th album.

Golden Graham cereals

4. Rapper Jay-Z said he hasn't had cereal in a while but his favorite is by far Cap'n Crunch (Captain Crunch).

Rapper Jay-Z

5. Singer Demi Lovato, who has recently been showing off not only her weight loss but her engagement ring as well is a big fan of cereal.

These tips apply to every type of food you're buying. Learn how to read labels and identify the key components of a healthy meal.

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