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3 Beauty Products That Will Shock You With Their Efficiency

Ever thought to yourself "Oh wow, this product would come in handy"? Here are 3 fun and simple products that won't let you down! If you want to take care of your legs and feet without spending a fortune, these 3 affordable beauty products will make your day! Keep reading to find out.

By  Kelsey Miller
  1. A razor subscription service that shows up on time and is gentle on your delicate legs or wherever you feel like shaving.
  2. Two pairs of baby feet masks to get nice, soft feet right before summer starts!
  3. Glossier Solution gets rid of dead skin and clears complexion, leaving you glowing.

Read more about these products below! 

The razor subscription service is great! When you sign up, you get a razor handle, two razor heads, and a magnetic mount that you can attach to your shower wall. In following shipments, they send you four replacement razor heads. The heads are surrounded with a layer of soap to ensure you're getting a close and safe shave. The handle comes in five colors on their website or a cool lime green. Before you make the purchase you complete a simple quiz so the company can get to know your skin. This is why we love this service, its customizable, easy on the skin and it gets shipped free right to your door.

Billie razor kit

The baby feet mask can save you a pedicure appointment. Try this DIY nifty kit! Just pop on the booties for an hour, wash your feet, and marvel as your feet start shedding layers of dead skin. Sounds gross we know but it’s a real time saver and nobody wants alligator feet at the beach! You have many brands to chose from. Available at Amazon!

Foot mask kit with booties

Glossier Solution is a cruelty-free chemical exfoliator that uses several acids (AHA, BHA, and PHA) to unclog pores, fight acne, and banish dark spots — all while moisturizing, conditioning, and exfoliating your skin. Plus, it's a lot more gentle on skin than a physical exfoliant. Check out their skin care line on their Official website and see what is right for you!

Glossier skin products

So there you have it, super simple products what will make a world of a difference for you and your skin!

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