iKON for 'iKON On Air' iKON for 'iKON On Air'

iKON reveal date for anticipated new album release

For the Korean Idols it's not easy to announce their plans to create a family. One of the members of iKON, Bobby got married a year ago. Since then he and the group were under low profile.

The latest comeback of the group with the emotional single "Why Why Why" was dropped in March 2021. Finally after more than one year the singers are ready to take the stage.

iKON's New album poster / By@ygent_official

iKON previously gave us classic hits like "LOVE SCENARIO", "KILLING ME" and "RHYTHM TA". With the news of their comeback not just IKONIC (the fanbase) is excited, everybody is expecting.

iKON anticipated comeback have a confirmed date

iKON will be dropping new music on May 3. According to YG Entertainment the group not only has plans for a new album, there will be a concert in June.

iKON comeback poster / By @ygent_official

The promotional poster don't says too much. Even those blurred silhouettes of the members can excite the fans.

That's not everything, the group is offering tons of content for the fans. Rightnow we can enjoy their own variety show "iKON On Air". A new episode is revealed per week.

We have to wait for a new update of the comeback. Meanwhile we'll let you here the hilarious first episode of iKON On Air.

Do you want to know more about the story of the super talented rapper Bobby? Check his surprising announcement.

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