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iKON opens about the difficult episode of B.I. leaving the group after a controversy

The members of iKON are finally talking about the hardships after B.I. left the group. This is what Bobby, Donghyuk and Junhoe have to say about it.

After more than one year on hiatus, iKON is finally back with the song "BUT YOU". The group under YG Entertainment is still promoting its activities by attending multiple shows. The singers of "LOVE SCENARIO" are sharing a lot with the fans.

In 2019 the leader of the group B.I. was involved in a difficult incident with toxic illegal substances. He was under police investigation. As result, the Idol announced his departure from the iKON.

iKON members / Twitter @YG_iKONIC

Finally, the members have revealed their side of the story in an emotive interview. We are telling you everything.

iKON talks about the most difficult time in its career

On June 3rd iKON's Bobby, Donghyuk and Junhoe were the guests on the last episode of "Oh Eun Young's Golden Clinic". Eventually, they start talking about former member B.I. having to leave the group after a big controversy.

Bobby, Junhoe and Dongyuk in 'Dr. Oh's Golden Clinic' / Twitter @argkonic

The Idols revealed that it was the most difficult time in their career because the leader was leaving them. It is the first time since the incident that the members talk about it. Donghyuk explained the situation:

When B.I. Hyung left the team and we became a six-member group. 
We didn't have a leader on the team, so we felt disoriented.

The singer confessed that they were really shocked after getting the news of B.I. leaving. They felt so down that all of them didn't want to leave their rooms.

Junhoe said it wasn't easy to accept that one member will be not part of the group anymore since all of them have been together since their trainee days. After having a good moment in their career, suddenly things change. He added:

For me, rather than being sad, I felt it was unrealistic, disorienting. It felt like this wasn't about us but someone else.

Meanwhile, Bobby recalls the incident saying that they also were worried about the future of the iKON because the leader was really important for its music and he did a lot for the group was gone. The rapper shared:

I think it's the fact that someone who was with us for so long was missing that made it hard. The friend who was with us until yesterday, who was with us for so many years, disappeared.

Almost immediately, after the release of the episode, the fans of the group took social media to send their love and support to the members. Also, iKONIC is thankful for the opportunity for the Idols to share their honest thoughts.

There is no doubt that iKON's Bobby is one of the best rappers in the industry. Read this article to know who else is on the list.

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